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Here you will find various custom software solutions for handling tasks in a quicker and more efficient way. These programs are designed for doing a few different things: making employees' jobs easier or more efficient, saving time and money, or making more money. A number of these programs achieve all of those things. All of the applications offered on this website have been extensively tested in a full production environment and most of them have been used on a daily basis while performing the very jobs they were designed for. Eventually we may add applications which have not been tested in full production environments, and if we do we will specifically state that in a conspicuous location prior to providing details about the application.



Our Heat-X™ software line is designed specifically for the custom shell and tube heat exchanger manufacturing industry. It is a fairly extensive set of stand-alone Windows executable files, full scale Windows software applications, Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, AutoCAD AutoLISP programs and custom menus/toolbars, AutoCAD drawings, databases in various forms, documentation in various forms, etc...

The applications were carefully designed to follow industry standards (TEMA standards), ASME Section 8, Div. I rules and guidelines, and API 660 rules and guidelines whenever necessary.


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